Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Job Ever

Alright, I fail epically. Totally and epically. It’s been almost 6 months since I uploaded a video. It’s been about 3 months since I did a podcast. And I haven’t made out with you in 2 weeks.

Yes, I suck.

But there is an excuse. I’ve been really busy. It’s a shit excuse, granted. But it’s the truth.

If you don’t know by now the reason why I have been absent from the webs in all shapes and forms is that I have been hired for a TV show. You may remember from a while back I uploaded a video about internet censorship. That was basically an audition video for a new Andrew Denton show.

Turns out after months of auditons, emails and phone calls with Zapruder’s Other Films (Andrew’s production company) I got the job. There were however two catches. One. I had to move to Sydney. Two. I couldn’t talk about getting the job.

Fair enough on both counts but that’s basically the reason I haven’t done anything online. My life revolves around this show and because I couldn’t talk about it I didn’t have much else to say.

Anyway let me tell you about the show. It’s called “Hungry Beast” although I can promise you I will call it “The Hungry Beast” on air a lot. It will be airing at the end of this month and my job title on it is reporter/presenter. I can’t really explain what I do on the show but I’m sure the title give you a basic idea.

So now onto bragging about the extremely cool day I had today.

I woke at 8.30 and was on the train into the ABC studios by 9.20. Got to work and as soon as I walked back stage there were a whole bunch of people everywhere. I wondered what they were doing so I looked in studio 22 and found out that today 2 episodes of “Good News Week” were getting filmed.

To keep myself from fangirling I went into Studio 21 and got ready to film. After filming for 2 hours we had completed a bit and it was time for me to get some make up on. I walk into make up and who is getting it done at the same time as me? Miss Claire Hooper.

I didn’t talk to her because I was too shy and scared I might yell out “I THINK SHOULD LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND AND LIVE WITH ME”. I had a quick make up job then rushed out so as to not make a fool of myself.

I started walking down the hall back to the studio and who was to come out behind me but Paul McDermott.

Yep that’s right. The man who doesn’t seem to age and guess who he wanted to talk to? Me. He was very nice and asked what I was working on and seemed very interested in the show (even though he hadn’t heard of it). We chatted for a bit and I have to say he is nothing like how he acts on TV. He seems a bit quite and shy but I imagine a lot of people on TV are quite reserved when the camera is turned off.

I went back to the studio and after filming for a bit it was time for lunch. My director and one of our editors went to subway with me. We brought the food back to the studio and sat down to have Andrew G serenade us.

He was rehearsing a song he needed to sing on the show and suprisingly he was really good. In the end he began singing it at us. He seemed very nice and I'd like to actually talk to him in the future.

After lunch back to filming we went. We continued to film for about 4 more hours and then everything was done. I think the footage will turn out really well and hopefully you'll see it on TV very soon.

After finishing I walked out of the studio and saw the Axis of Awesome rehearsing.

I didn't speak to them at all because they seemed busy and besides they are friends with my cast mate Dan Ilic so I'm sure I'll meet them sooner or later.

And finally just before walking out I literally ran into Frank Woodley.

He walked away very quickly and I didn't have a chance to apologise. But as you can imagine it was an awesome day. Here is one more picture. It is of my one of my directors, Aaron Smith. He's an amazing director and cinematographer.


- Chris

Friday, June 5, 2009

Colonel Montgomery

I've missed you my little sugar dumplings. But I have been away for a very good reason and that reason is School ... and cocaine. I really do love smack. But thats all in the past now. YAY. I am free for quite some time because I dropped out of university the other day. WOO! NO RESPONSIBILITIES!

So since I've been gone I've been doing a few things. Thing one. I went to meet John Green in Melbourne and he signed my books. It was AWESOME! When he was on stage he randomly spoke about me and he also told everyone to subscribe to me. Then when he signed my book he wrote "From a fan" AHHHHHHH FANGIRL! The in the middle of him signing books a girl asked him to introduce me to her cause she was too shy. He did and she was lovely. HI GEORGIE (I think thats your name. I met a lot of people that day).

I have a podcast coming out soon. But when I say soon I mean this year. Although I wouldn't trust even that statement. We aren't quite certain yet but it looks like the title of it will be called "Chris and Maxie Fight Global Depression Incorporated". It's basically me and my friend Glenn (or Maxie as I call him) talking shit and being racist for 20 minutes. I sure do hate whitey.

I have a tumblr. Go follow it at there will be a lot of exclusive things coming up there in the next few months. So keep a look out.

I love you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I hate producing

At uni there is only one class I hate. This class is producing. I am currently in that class now. It's shame because I don't have a problem with the teacher just the course work. Which is entirely paperwork. For example for todays producing class (which I am currently in as I write this blog) was 18 pages worth of paperwork. It was easy enough just extremely boring. I now know that I don't want to be a producer (granted I never assumed I would want to). I guess the one good thing about this class is that it means I have free time to write a blog which I haven't done since last week. 

So here is the past week in point form.
  • I uploaded 2 new videos to fourguysandmhazz
  • I failed to upload my final one because I was very drunk for three days
  • I still can't talk about Project Next but am certain I can soon
  • I can currently see my friend Brayden drawing a cock
  • I'll have a video out soon (hopefully if I'm not too tired tonight. However this is unlikely as I'll get home at about 11 and have to leave at 7 tomorrow morning)
  • Darcy is giving the finger to my laptop
  • I've been editing what may be my last project for school, ever
  • I feel over and cut my hand, went to reception to get some band aids, met the 21 year old receptionist and fell in love. I think I will marry her

I think thats about it. I just wanted to say though the latest I will be making a video will be in two weeks when I finish school but I'm sure there will be one before then.

- Chris

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Third times a charm

Tomorrow I will be going to the ABC studios to watch Spicks and Specks YAY! Hopefully I'll get to talk to Adam Hills. We will talk about how I may also be on ABC and how we have a mutual love for miniature marsh-mellows. Then I'll be a guest on the show YAY!

Last night I uploaded my second naked history video on four guys and mhazz. Here it is.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Four guys and Mhazz naked

This week I will be taking over the Four Guys and Mhazz channel. The weeks theme is Nudity in history.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fighting for the right

This blog comes in four parts.

Part the first. I will soon be having a podcast available on itunes. It is entitled Chris and Maxie Fight Global Depression Incorporated or CAMFGDI for short. It's really unfortunate that it doesn't spell something cool. The podcast will be hosted by myself and my closest friend in the world Glenn (or Maxie as we call him). I was originally going to be doing a podcast with Leuke but we haven't really gotten around to it and I don't think we ever will (sorry Leuke). Also I personally like to be able to be in the same room as someone when recording a podcast. I just think it will give us a better vibe and it will run more smoothly. If things go as plan it should be out within the next two weeks.

Part the second. If all things work out I shall be moving up to Sydney. So far nothing has been confirmed but I am sure to find out any day now. I really hope that I'll be moving up there because if I do it means I'll be filming a TV show with Andrew Denton which would be amazing. I would also be able to see Nikki, Min and Becky whilst I'm up there which is definitely a bonus. Mainly because they are all attractive women and I'm a complete and utter pervert.

Part the third. I promise a new video is coming. I just need to find out the ending of it and the ending can't be decided till I know about the TV show spoken about in part two. Because of the lack of videos I believe I will make one on my secondary channel and one on UniversityDays either tomorrow or monday.

Part the fourth. Jokingly I tweeted this several days ago.

Surprisingly I got a reply with pictures to go with it. I really didn't expect it and obviously I'm not going to show you the pictures but they were pretty good. To the girl that sent them I just wanted to say I wrote that tweet as a joke and thought everyone would take it as such but thank you none the less.

- Chris

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Citizen Kane

I shouldn't be left with a computer.