Saturday, January 24, 2009

Be yourself

After getting the approval and offer of fondue from Clint the other day I thought it was all going to be straight down hill from there. But apparently it only got better. I received this PM from Miss Mhairi.

I of course replied straight away with "of course" because as we know Scottish midgets are incredibly lethal and I didn't want to lose an arm or something. In reply I got this.

So there you have it this blog has now been approved by Mhazz. Not only that but she has also approved of my personality. If my streak of good fortune continues this way tomorrow Shakespeare will rise from the dead and write the most brilliant play of his career with me as the lead role. So lets hope it does.

That's enough being incoherent today.

- Chris

P.S Me thinks me shall do a lip sync video in honor of Mhazz's lovely comment.
P.P.S I am very lazy so this may not happen.


John said...


heroin addiction is intensely crazy.

Miss Mhairi said...

doo ittttt. lip sync lip sync .. *chants*


Amanda said...

Liked the Shakespeare part. :)