Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clint Eastwood approves

I don't know about you but I think having a Clint Eastwood ad in my sidebar is pretty epic. I feel that Clint is the type of guy that would check where his films are being advertised. He'd approve them to make sure they are up to par. So me seeing this ad is like Clint Eastwood personally saying to me "Chris I think you are a swell guy. We should probably get together and fondue sometime". Don't worry Clint we will. We will.

That's enough being incoherent for the day.

- Chris


BabyKillingUnicorns said...

HAHA that's hilarious!

you have a hilarious face, seriously just the expressions you make are probably most of the reason i think you are so funny. I know how it is being a partner on youtube and then having a blog...the blog is so empty compared to the masses on youtube.
Anyway Chris, you seem like the type of person i would collaborate with, if i did. I'm actually about to go watch some more of your videos before doing calculus.

BabyKillingUnicorns said...

oh i forgot to sign...