Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay, so today was a big one. I had several major things happen.
  1. I posted a blog.
  2. Had a nice skype call with very sexy people (catrific, cohenism, pilocrates, hexachordal and italktosnakes)
  3. Became a minister.
  4. Went to work.
  5. Realized I may have a crush on a girl
  6. Was informed that I would sign an agreement stopping my free speech.
  7. Came up with a video idea.
  8. Came home.
  9. Had a shower.
  10. Whilst in shower came up with a brilliant idea to get me on TV.
Whilst in a Skype call with some of my friends I kept annoying Stefan and Cat by saying that the two of them where going to get married. I continued this for some time until Stefan asked me to be the minister at the wedding. I of course was overjoyed by such an invite that I literally went straight to google and typed in "online ordination" and clicked on the first link that popped up. 5 minutes later I was an ordained minister of the church of Universal Life.

Now at the time I thought that this was a great laugh but decided to see what I had just gotten myself into. Whilst the laws in Australia about becoming a minister are rather hard and does not allow you to become ordained I can actually have the title of Reverend Christopher Leben legally. I just can't perform weddings or funerals. In America however the laws are somewhat more lax. I have all the rights of a normal minister I just can't circumcise anyone. I have already been asked to be the minister at Adams wedding and have happily accepted.

After such a delightful morning I went to work where I saw a girl. A girl that I have known since the very end of my final year of high school. She is extremely pretty, smart and nice. She also works with me. I barely speak to her because I'm a little girl. After thinking about her for a long while after she had departed I realized that I may just have a crush on this girl. I now have no idea what to do. As I normally have crushes on girls over the interwebs (there is only really one at the moment) who live a very long way away. Do I talk to her? Do I stay away? I am so awkward it is frustrating. Then there are other things that have to be taken into account but are far too personal to write in a blog (genital warts).

After realizing this crush I continued to work and then was informed by one of my many bosses that I would be forced to sign an agreement that would ban me from saying anything negatively about my place of work over the internet. If I do say something bad I will be fired. I haven't signed it yet so I will have my last little bit of hate let out here. I really dislike my work. The customers are terrible, the staff are worse (sometimes I believe that I am the smartest person there (apart from my crush)). So I will have to stop talking about work all together as I will never have anything positive to say about it and as I am much easier to find online than the majority of the people at my work I'm sure I would get found out pretty soon. Goodbye freedom of speech.

Finally I had two really good ideas. One for a video and a second for me to get on TV. Hopefully they both work out.

That's enough being incoherent for the day.

- Chris


Anonymous said...

You should def talk to her Chris. You're a funny, interesting, good looking, and smart guy. What's not to like? (rhetorical!) I know I don't know you in real life but your videos say enough. :)

sparklegreen said...

I love that feeling of probably having a crush on someone. it's so, "do I/don't I" and it's kind of weird but exciting. cheers for skype chats.

Liv =] said...

i guess i knew it would happen eventually. doesn't make it any easier.

Cohenism said...

This is so wrong. It's just...wrong. I still love you Chris.