Sunday, January 18, 2009

Swirly black goodness

Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve the friends I have. I normally quickly overcome this with the help of my good friend Mister Jack Daniels but today I know that I don't deserve the friendship of the incredibly talented Leuke (killert00thbrush on the webs of inter). About 30 minutes ago I had the urge for a new background on my youtube. 5 minutes later I asked Leuke to make one. Now I have one and he didn't ask for anything in return (except my soul, little does he know that I gave that to him a long time ago).

This is the area of the blog that I would put a picture of my new background but my ghetto net can nay handle uploading a tiny picture. So just click this link to see it.

So not only is Leuke very talented in the art of photoshop but he is also a very talented video maker. If you aren't subscribed to him I highly recommend that you go over to his channel and subscribe. You will in no way regret it.

That's enough of being incoherent for the day.

- Chris

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