Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A lot

About ten minutes ago I decided to write a blog. This blog would have many, many topics and be insightful in many many ways (god I know a lot of words). But now that I have sat down I have no idea what to write about which is just brilliant. So I guess I will just type whatever comes into my head. It will be extremely unstructured and incoherent, so I guess just like the rest of my writing. I guess you won't even be able to tell the difference.

I just realized that I will be single for valentines day. This is the second year in a row that I will be single for it. Now whilst I'm not the type of person who particularly likes to receive gifts, I do very much like to give them to the people I love. Having no one to give them to this valentines day makes me somewhat unhappy. Not in a "My life sucks, I'm going to cut myself" sort of a way. But a more "Oh shit I'm all alone ... that sucks" sort of way (again my vocab if freaking huge). Oh well :(

On monday (great segway there) I shall be returning to the hallowed halls of university. Well not so much returning to as this year I am going to a completely different university. As you may know for the last two years I studied acting at the University of Ballarat and this year I will be studying Film and Television Production at RMIT University in Melbourne. I'm really excited but also very scared. I never expected to get into this course as I've never really done any filming apart from in High School (and I'll be the first to admit the work I did back then was far less than par). It turns out the only reason I got in was because of my script writing abilities and my way with words ... you wouldn't be able to tell from this blog that I can actually write in a structured format but apparently I can. It's pretty awesome that I got in as thousands of people went for my course and only 27 were accepted but now I'm freaking out. I mean I will be in a class with about 26 other people who can actually film and edit whilst up till now I've only done it as a hobby and badly at that. Then again I guess the school is there to teach me so hopefully I'll get better.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know my beliefs about ads on youtube and that is that the "star" of the ad does not want their product being advertised on a dodgy video such as a sxephil vid. To stop this they check all the videos that they are going to advertise on and approve each one individually. So I think it's safe to say that Katy Perry has seen my new video and she rather liked it.

She liked it so much infact that she kept putting different ads up thinking that she'd get more hits. What a lovely young lass. I believe that she wishes to sex me. But don't get your hopes up kids. Just because Katy and I have some chemistry it does not mean we will be getting together any time soon. I will still be alone this valentines day ... yay!

I have some more things to talk about but I think this blog has been long enough and confusing enough as well. I'll probably write more tomorrow.

- Chris


Amanda said...

It wasn't confusing. I think.
And don't worry about valentines day, you can always do a Davedays. With the cardboard I mean.

Miss Mhairi said...

You'll be alone on Valentine's Day, I'll be alone on Valentine's Day.
I see a recurring theme here, therefore concluding you must come to Glasgow and come to my birthday party :) xx

lazyage said...

I'll be there you Chris! you'll never be alone again my love

sparklegreen said...

Congrats on your new university acceptance. That's quite an accomplishment. Don't worry, you'll be fine. I little bit of anxiety is good though, it will keep you thinking on your feet =]

Victoria-H said...

love your writing =) u seem fun hehe

Kat said...

There is not enough KP songs in the world. Also, I agree, it is not a true ipod without her.

Don't worry, you are a fine young film person. You will do marvy.

I shall now conclude this mad mess of a comment.

Anonymous said...

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