Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nanalew is my spanalew

I should really write a blog about uni and the fires and the crap going on in my life but instead of doing that I'm going to ask you a favor. I want you to go over to and rate my friend Shawna's (Nanalew) video 5 stars. She has entered a competition to win a job in Australia. It's really awesome and would mean that I can actually meet her. If you live in Australia there is a chance that you will too because she will be able to go to gatherings. FTW! Whilst your over there feel free to vote all the other people 1 star because they are yucky and getting in-between mine and Shawnas friendship. What jerk faces.

- Chris


lazyage said...

i heard about this comp. win the dream job on some tropical island right? i might give her a hand

Shawna said...

thank you christopherz.

Anonymous said...

your friend's video is really funny--much more funny than mine!

and she's really lucky to have your support too.

but I hope you'll go check out my videos and YouTube channel anyway and be nice to me because I went to MacWorld (oh wait that might make you NOT nice to me!)