Sunday, February 1, 2009

This blog post comes in 2 parts

Part 1. POO! Whilst writing this part of my blog I was doing one. Don't worry not in my pants but on a toilet ... that conveniently had no bottom and was placed above my brothers head.

Part 2. ROHAN! My friend Rohan aka robofillet is just damned lovable. He is lovely to talk to and makes extremely wonderful vids on the tubes even if the Adelaide TV guide does disagree (but who really cares what they think. Because as we all know the Adelaide TV guide is only one step above Hitler. Contrary to popular belief Hitler was not just a little scallywag. He was actually much more. Click here for more info). Rohan writes a blog. I do too. This makes us twinseys. Up till recently I knew about this blog and assumed it was pretty good. But being the crap person I am I don't actually read other peoples blogs I just expect them to read mine. So the other day whilst bored I resorted to reading Rohans blog and it is brilliant. He has an amazing way of writing and it is for the most part very funny. You should check it out and follow him because who knows one day he may be on TV with Chris at his side ... Nah that will never happen ... or will it?

That's enough being incoherent for the day.

- Chris

PS Rohan is even cooler because his name can be shortened to Han just like Han Solo who as we all know is the shit.

1 comment:

sparklegreen said...

Rohan's blog is pretty lol.

Chris fan:
"Ok, would you read my blog if I stared at you like this?" *stare*

But really, cool beans.