Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy Bee

Hello there my lovely little followers (all 83 of you). It's been a while and for this I am eternally sorry but as you can probably imagine my life is extremely bust right now. Here is a list of why Chris has been busy:

  • Started film school
  • Fires
  • My friends pregnancy
  • Writing several TV shows
  • Getting drunk with new uni friends
So now you can get an idea of why I've been neglecting this blog.

Okay sorry I just lost my train of thought. A rather attractive young female just stoped and smiled at me then kept on walking. I don't think I know her but maybe she knows me. That sounds incredibly up myself but it's been happening more and more lately. I will be just walking around the city and someone will notice me from youtube. It always catches me off guard because it's not like I'm famous. I have 5000+ subs thats true but I doubt even a thousand of those subs would be in Australia let alone Melbourne. It just seems like the odds would be against those people finding me. Apparently it's not though cause at least two students from my school are subscribers and have introduced themselves to me.

Oh by the way if your wondering why a young woman was able to smile at me it is because I'm in the school library catching on the webs of inter during my lunch break. I haven't been home in the past three days and I even missed my current feature on the Australian and New Zealand frontpages. Which I think I'll talk about in a new blog later tonight or tomorrow.

As well as not goinghome in three days I haven't changed my clothes in three days. I feel disgusting but I guess it's been worth it. I mean the day I left home was to help my pregnant friend get to the hospital (the baby still hasn't been born). But the other two days I've just been getting drunk and going to school. So that's really just my own fault.

There are a whole lot more things for me to write about but at the moment I am too hungry and I think I'll go buy myself a piece of pizza. However I will leave you with a new youtuber to check:


She's a really good vlogger and in her recent video she said she was happy to get to 100 subs. It suprised me that she had so few and I thought I'd give her a little shout out here :)

Okay so of to get some pizza then study film history for 2 hours then home. See you kids later.


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