Sunday, March 22, 2009

Featured Much?

As you may or not be aware, I have recently been featured on the Australian and New Zealand YouTube front pages with my recent video entitled "Educationing with Chris". It was quite a surprise when my brother called me up and told me about it as I didn't particularly like that video. Even though normally I wish they would have featured something like "Hear the Happiness" I'm very glad they went with this video. It's about something important to me (the Australian internet cleanfeed) and it is also my application to Project Next. Which is a TV show to be filmed in Sydney later this year. I'm hoping that this feature will impress the judges enough to give me an interview where I can only hope I impress them even more. I doubt that either of these things will happen but I guess you can only hope.

Along with the extra views and subscriptions you get from being featured you also get a lot of hate. You get called gay a lot and get threatned. Obviously I'm used to it as I've been featured three times before this one but it still sucks. Especially when people keep comparing me to Ryan Shelton. They keep saying that I was just trying to rip him off and copy him instead of be myself. To be honest I had seen his segment Investigationing on Rove but had completely forgotten it until people kept calling me a rip off in the comments. I mean do you really think I'd be stupid enough to rip off a segment on one of Australias biggest shows when auditioning for a new show? Obviously not but now I'm a little worried that just because of the title I used for the video I may get over looked. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to take what comes.

- Chris

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Soph said...

im with you on the ryan shelton thing, it completely didn't occur to me until just now...meh, either way you deserve the feature :) yayay