Friday, April 10, 2009

Best subscriber ever

I was not going to blog today because today was a boring day with nothing to blog about. But then something blog worthy actually happened. I went to chrisontv89 my fabled secondary channel where a one year younger version of me makes crappy videos with no effort and copyrighted music. What did I see when I went to it I hear you ask? I SAW THIS!

Mummy Mhazz is subscribed to me. Well not exactly me. She's subscribed to an exactly one year younger version of me.

Oh and yeah this comment was posted over a month ago so you might be saying "Way to check your secondary channel Chris" and all I have in reply to that is "FUCK YOU! I'M EXCESSIVELY LAZY! I SHOULD REALLY NOT BE YELLING AT YOU! IT'S RUDE! I'M SORRY!"

- Chris

EDIT - After writing this blog something else blog worthy happened. I got a comment on a video I made over a year ago. The video was about my sisters priest (I don't have a religion) talking about soft core porn during a sermon I happened to be at. I think at one point in the video I talk about not being religious (I'm too lazy to watch it back and I know the quality would make me cringe). So on account of this I received this comment.

Oh those crazy religious folk trying to convert me. How often they try. I just wish they would give up already. The best type of religious person is the one that respects that your ways are different to theirs and that you aren't wrong for believing what you do. For example Shawna, Jake, Rohan and Mitto are all religious but don't try to convert me and respect that I'm different to them. Then there are my parents (who I love very much) who believe that I am broken and need to be fixed. Silly parents.


Jeff Edelman said...

Well I agree with your parents that you are broken and need to be fixed. But I don't think that has anything to do with religion. :) Hi, Chris!

Cohenism said...

You need to be fixed more desperately than any troubled individual I've ever talked to.

Don't ever forget that, Chris.

I loves you.


mittopotahis said...

Shawna, Jake, Rohan and Mitto should start a posse.

Chris is my favourite person who is going to Hell. Yeah! =D

ily. <3

RoboFillet said...

I'm only friends with you because you are more popular than me. I thought we both knew that.


Anonymous said...

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