Saturday, April 11, 2009

The rap of Mitto

Dear Drake,

This blog is not for you so kindly piss off.

Love Chris

Okay hello there little ones. Let me explain the start of this blog. I have three weakness'. Only three and my friend Drake happens to know all three of them. The first is bullets, the second is my little sister and the third is the worst of all. The third is someone reading my blog out loud to me. I can not stand it and Drake loves to use it against me. He also tells everyone he meets about these weakness' so that they two can use them against me. Luckily for me no one is as big a jerk as Drake and they tend not to do anything with their new found knowledge.

The sad thing is even as I write this I know that it will be read back to me at a later date and yet I continue to write. I can't stop even though it will cause me great pain in the future.

"But Chris," I hear you shout "you don't need to publish this blog."

I wish it were that simple my friend I really do.

In other news today I wrote a rap/poem. It is about Mitto.

Mitto sure is lots of fun
I like to stick it right up his bum
His Mum is majestic thats for sure
With her looks she'll never ever be poor
Mittos rule of thumb
Is that it feels much better in the bum
His name is Mitto and he's here to stay
Surprisingly I don't think that he's gay

It's a work in progress so don't go hating on it.

For my last couple of blogs I've been saying that my Project Next interview is on Tuesday. Turns out I can't read and that it's actually on Wednesday. So YAY! As a result of this Leuke will be with me when I go for the interview. I don't really think it's fair for him to stand around doing nothing for two hours so I'm thinking of throwing a mini gathering in fed square (or somewhere else in Melbourne) whilst I'm at the interview and then after wards going to that. It will probably start around 10 or 11 and will go for a couple of hours. I'll talk to Leuke and organize something then post the details on my secondary channel and this blog. As well as maybe Leukes blog/channel.

- Chris

1 comment:

Tori said...

for some reason, that poem, at first glance reminded me of
''we love the chosen one
loving him is lots of fun
we love the chosen one
not as much as me''