Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's been a pretty good day

In fact it's been a pretty good couple of days. Only the last two mind you. The ones before that were pretty average. Especially when I crashed my parents car into another car (goodbye eighteen hundred dollars).But now it's all cool. Things have gotten better.

Yesterday Stephen (3sixty5days) was announced as the sexiest Irish celebrity. This was especially exciting for me actually knowing Stephen and having voted for him several times each day since I found out about the competition. After I found out he had one I called him up and we had a lovely conversation about it all. Every time there was a break in the conversation we would both break into fits of hysteria at the fact he (an 18 year old student) won Ireland's sexiest celebrity. That was pretty good in itself but then the next day (today) whilst on my lunch break I got a phone call from a lovely girl called Jess.

Jess was calling me about Project Next, a TV show which I have applied for. Turns out I have made it to the next round which is interviews. I was so excited when she told me but I acted cool on the phone (So cool in fact I may have sounded rude. Sorry about that Jess). I didn't think I was getting a call as my good friend Rohan (robofillet) got his call for the interview 3 days ago. But I did get it so now youtube has two reps. Hopefully one of us can get in (Preferably Rohan. I think he's suited to it more than myself.) but it would be amazing if we both did. We would both have to move to Sydney and probably move in together, which we have already spoken about. It would be amazing.

As well as that great news tomorrow my godchild is getting induced. It's been a real long time coming but tomorrow at some time I should be holding my brand new godchild. I'm so excited. If it's a boy it's middle name will be Christopher after me which is kind of epic. I doubt it will though. I think it will be a girl. Which will be so cool too. Granted I don't know how to act around little girls but I'm sure I'll figure something out :)

Oh and about 20 minutes ago a street sign fell on my head. That wasn't a good thing ... I think I'm seeing things.


PS Hayley G Hoover left me this comment several days ago. It made me laugh.

I'd love to Hayely but you are way out of my league.


sparklegreen said...

Nice to hear from you. Actually, it is refreshing to see a regular narrative blog that isn't too frivolous nor too serious. I miss those.

babyporridge. said...

best of luck to you & rohanfillet. when you guys are in sydneytown we can totally be bff.

also, ouch re: car & street sign on head, but you know what, you are the supremest of christphers on the planet, so IT DOESN'T MATTER.