Friday, April 24, 2009

The long awaited return

If the video above confuses you let me explain. About 8 months ago I started a channel called UniversityDays. It starred a character of mine called Dan Hill. Basically the outline of the channel was that Dan had set a webcam up in his room and it would randomly upload 1 minute of footage on to youtube unedited. I tried to keep it up but ultimately I just forgot about doing it. The channel only has about 300 subscribers but they were all pretty vocal that I didn't let it die. So here we are 4 months after the last video on the channel and I've finally made a new one. I have heaps of ideas for videos on the channel but if I actually film them is another issue. So hopefully I can bring the channel back to life like I have this blog.

- Chris


lazyage said...

only 300 subscribers? i guess that's not alot to SOME people!

SCOTT said...

Well susan boyle gained over a million hits for her youtube video.. so your on your way (: