Saturday, April 4, 2009

The project of next

By now you should be well aware that I have gotten an interview with the lovely people at Project Next. But what you do not know is the particulars (unless of course you frequent the blog of one sexy little Queenslander named Rohan. YOUTUBE REPRESENT!). Turns out that the interview is going to be harder than I thought. It goes for 2 hours and I have to bring in ideas for stories that are original and relevant to the two days before the interview. I thought that the interview would be done in a group but from the way it is explained in the email it seems that it's just me for two hours with a group of people from Project Next. Now if you have read Rohans blog you'll know that he doesn't want Andrew Denton to be interviewing him because he'll be star struck. I on the other hand want him to be there. It would be awesome to meet him and if I don't get into the actual show at least I can say I got to meet Andrew Denton (whom I believe to be one of the best interviewers on Australian TV ... granted he doesn't actually do that any more and now spends his time as producer). So I guess in conclusion I can't wait to see what happens and my interview is on the 14th of April at 11.10am so wish me luck.

In other news Leuke will be coming to stay with me the night of my interview. So even if that goes badly I still have the happiest little emo to cheer me up.

- Chris


babyporridge. said...

all ze best, monsieur christopheur!
i don't know why i am channeling the french thing all of a sudden, but perhaps it makes for extra good luck!

now get in there & charm the pants of mr. denton.

Ikklemee8 said...

good luck =D