Thursday, April 9, 2009

Swing of things

Firstly I seem to have gotten back into the swing of blogging.

Secondly I bought some new clothes today.

I think I'm going to wear these clothes to my Project Next interview on Tuesday. Which I am extremely excited for ... as well as extremely nervous.

Thirdly this is my god daughter.

Her name is Mackenzie Grace Johnson and I kinda love her. I think I may go see her tomorrow.

Fourthly I am now on Easter holidays. Which for me only lasts seven days. But that's not a problem because in two weeks I have eighteen days off. YAYS!

Fifthly I haz a hater. He is nasty. Be nasty back.

- Chris


Krause said...

Your goddaughter is gorgeous, your new clothes are hip and i was well nasty to your hater.
Good luck with your interview (:

Soph said...

aww she is too adorable :)

your hater has a really appropriate username, haha

Liam Radge said...

YAY the video's gone!

I like to think it was my "Come back and call people "tools" when you realise hiding behind a hood and sunglasses isn't cool" comment that swung it :D

Hope Is Not A Myth said...

firstly shes beautiful chris!
secondly you look damn fit in ur new clothes ;D
thirdly fuck the hater u are awesome.

that is all
enjoy your day

Krause said...

haha @liam, thato nly works for jack

gleegirloz said...

How gorgeous is this!I can tell you'll be a real natural when your time comes(dont rush,lol!)
Reckon you'll be a fun Dad too,and I can tell you for certain,fun is very underrated in child rearing! :P