Saturday, April 18, 2009

Way too tired blog

I would have written this blog earlier but didn't for reasons of ... well my laziness. So basically the most important thing that happened this week was that I had my interview with Project Next. It was so awesome. Andrew Denton was there and he was one of the coolest people I have ever met. He laughed at my jokes, spoke about my youtube and sexually harassed me (he said he wanted to talk to my nipples and not me). I was freaking out so much before I got into the interview but once I was in there it was really easy and I enjoyed. Now I'm not completely confident with how it went but I do think I have a good chance of actually getting on the show.

I would love to write more about the actual interview but it is a bit of a secret. I wouldn't want someone who hasn't been interviewed yet to have the upper hand. I didn't even tell Rohan about it. That's how much of a secret it is.

Apparently some people think that there is a rivalry between Rohan and I. I'd just like to say that that is in no way true. What we want to happen is that we both get on the show but we aren't going to stop our friendship if one person gets in and the other doesn't. I'm sure if that happens the one who doesn't get in will be jealous but we won't hold a grudge. I mean I was the one that showed Rohan about the show to begin with and I knew that the odds of us both getting in where slim. I think it's amazing that we both got this far as it is. Only 60 people got this far so I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved and I'm sure Rohan is too.

Now I have no idea how to end this blog. I want to keep writing but I'm way too tired to keep going. Night.

- Chris

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