Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fighting for the right

This blog comes in four parts.

Part the first. I will soon be having a podcast available on itunes. It is entitled Chris and Maxie Fight Global Depression Incorporated or CAMFGDI for short. It's really unfortunate that it doesn't spell something cool. The podcast will be hosted by myself and my closest friend in the world Glenn (or Maxie as we call him). I was originally going to be doing a podcast with Leuke but we haven't really gotten around to it and I don't think we ever will (sorry Leuke). Also I personally like to be able to be in the same room as someone when recording a podcast. I just think it will give us a better vibe and it will run more smoothly. If things go as plan it should be out within the next two weeks.

Part the second. If all things work out I shall be moving up to Sydney. So far nothing has been confirmed but I am sure to find out any day now. I really hope that I'll be moving up there because if I do it means I'll be filming a TV show with Andrew Denton which would be amazing. I would also be able to see Nikki, Min and Becky whilst I'm up there which is definitely a bonus. Mainly because they are all attractive women and I'm a complete and utter pervert.

Part the third. I promise a new video is coming. I just need to find out the ending of it and the ending can't be decided till I know about the TV show spoken about in part two. Because of the lack of videos I believe I will make one on my secondary channel and one on UniversityDays either tomorrow or monday.

Part the fourth. Jokingly I tweeted this several days ago.

Surprisingly I got a reply with pictures to go with it. I really didn't expect it and obviously I'm not going to show you the pictures but they were pretty good. To the girl that sent them I just wanted to say I wrote that tweet as a joke and thought everyone would take it as such but thank you none the less.

- Chris

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babyporridge. said...

Dearest Christopher,

Things & stuff are sounding wonderful for you. That is lovely news. You can be my pervert any day. <3