Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I hate producing

At uni there is only one class I hate. This class is producing. I am currently in that class now. It's shame because I don't have a problem with the teacher just the course work. Which is entirely paperwork. For example for todays producing class (which I am currently in as I write this blog) was 18 pages worth of paperwork. It was easy enough just extremely boring. I now know that I don't want to be a producer (granted I never assumed I would want to). I guess the one good thing about this class is that it means I have free time to write a blog which I haven't done since last week. 

So here is the past week in point form.
  • I uploaded 2 new videos to fourguysandmhazz
  • I failed to upload my final one because I was very drunk for three days
  • I still can't talk about Project Next but am certain I can soon
  • I can currently see my friend Brayden drawing a cock
  • I'll have a video out soon (hopefully if I'm not too tired tonight. However this is unlikely as I'll get home at about 11 and have to leave at 7 tomorrow morning)
  • Darcy is giving the finger to my laptop
  • I've been editing what may be my last project for school, ever
  • I feel over and cut my hand, went to reception to get some band aids, met the 21 year old receptionist and fell in love. I think I will marry her

I think thats about it. I just wanted to say though the latest I will be making a video will be in two weeks when I finish school but I'm sure there will be one before then.

- Chris

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j-is-for-joel said...

oh chris. sounds like a lot of fun going off in your life. =)
i'm sure you can make it through the class! i know you can! don't let that boredom get you down!
hope to watch a video soon,, but don't feel pressured to put one up soon, take your time i'm sure people can wait. =)

joel (pop-up)