Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A meeting of the minds.

I will not let this die, I will not, I will not. Okay go.

Well now that that's out of the way onto business. Creativity?

Yes sir?

How are we going on making our next video?

It's done sir. Ready to be uploaded. We just need that guy to call us about the place and the thing before we can upload it.

What thing is that again?

The TV show thing.

Ah yes. Fair enough. We wouldn't want to jump the gun now would we.

No sir.

Personal life. Why haven't you written a blog since the 24th of April?

Personal reasons sir.

That is not an excuse.

Well to be honest sir we are waiting on confirmation about the guy in the place with the thing.

Shit. Here too?

Yes sir.

Can we upload anything?

Well we did have a humorous skype conversation with Levi.

Okay screencap it. Alright now Health. What's up with you?

Piggy flu.

Holy shit. Really?



I've just been telling people that. It's just a simple case of a head cold ... I hope.

Okay get better Health. Now I think thats it. See you all at the next meeting.