Friday, June 5, 2009

Colonel Montgomery

I've missed you my little sugar dumplings. But I have been away for a very good reason and that reason is School ... and cocaine. I really do love smack. But thats all in the past now. YAY. I am free for quite some time because I dropped out of university the other day. WOO! NO RESPONSIBILITIES!

So since I've been gone I've been doing a few things. Thing one. I went to meet John Green in Melbourne and he signed my books. It was AWESOME! When he was on stage he randomly spoke about me and he also told everyone to subscribe to me. Then when he signed my book he wrote "From a fan" AHHHHHHH FANGIRL! The in the middle of him signing books a girl asked him to introduce me to her cause she was too shy. He did and she was lovely. HI GEORGIE (I think thats your name. I met a lot of people that day).

I have a podcast coming out soon. But when I say soon I mean this year. Although I wouldn't trust even that statement. We aren't quite certain yet but it looks like the title of it will be called "Chris and Maxie Fight Global Depression Incorporated". It's basically me and my friend Glenn (or Maxie as I call him) talking shit and being racist for 20 minutes. I sure do hate whitey.

I have a tumblr. Go follow it at there will be a lot of exclusive things coming up there in the next few months. So keep a look out.

I love you.


Amanda said...

Why did you drop out of university?

dickflip said...

smack and cocaine are two different drugs sir. you need educating, the wire style

SCOTT said...

no responsibilities! and cocaine... sounds like your livin' the life of riley...